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I teach female entrepreneurs and sales professionals about how to acquire sales skills, how to practice mindset exercises, and how to harness their feminine superpowers to drive success in their professional lives. 
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I am a sales mentor who brings a fresh and empowering feminine style to the art of selling.

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"Several days before going on Shark Tank, my sales pitch was shaky - to say the least. In the days leading up to it, I was nervous and uncertain about my chance of sealing a deal with the Sharks."

"I worked with Aline Bender, and she helped me restructure my pitch and my mindset to the point where I felt confident and empowered. I was more than prepared to face the Sharks. I slayed my pitch, and got a deal with Lori Greiner."

"After my episode aired, my sales went up by 5,000 percent!"

"I've relied on Aline's simple, yet powerful sales approach for the last decade. Her compassionate mentorship has empowered me to master the art of sales communication. I truly believe that I can sell anything, to anyone, at anytime while, maintaining my feminine and genuine personality."

Mai Lieu ~

Contestant Winner of Shark Tank Season 7


When it comes to selling, a woman prefers to use her natural talent of gathering resources and connecting with others. But most importantly, a woman wants to connect to her community of potential clients on a deeper level. It must be frustrating to not find the right sales mentorship, especially when it could damage your opportunity to earn more income and step up to the next level.

Let's face it, the sales training industry is geared towards men.

A simple Google search on sales training will yield courses on how to "Kill or Crush The Competition," "Be The King of The Jungle," or "Be A Hardcore Closer." 

And the worst part about it is that it's completely understandable! The sales industry has been predominantly led by men, but you can bet your dollar that it's changing rapidly. And with the shift towards a more women - inclusive sales industry, the growing demand for a woman sales coach who understands your needs is becoming more and more crucial.

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Manifest the Types of Clients You Want!

There's only one of you, and millions of them. Work with those that match your energy to ensure that you can keep smiling and thriving.

Attract More Money Honey!

You're a Queen Bee! Using the law of attraction to get you that extra monthly income is the sweetest way for a queen to rule her world.

Sell With Your Inner Feminine Power!

Selling doesn't stink, but being salesy does. Take advantage of your natural feminine abilities to connect and help others. 



"Aline came to my need right before I was about to film for a pitch on the reality television show the Shark Tank. Needless to say, I got a deal!"

Mai Lieu
CEO CreaProducts | Shark Tank Contestant Winner | Author | Real Estate Investor

"Aline has lived everything she teaches and knows how to pass along her lessons learned in an empowering, yet practical, way. There’s no fluff; she’s simply focused on making you the best sales leader you can possibly be! "

Beth Buelow
PCC Coach | Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Truth Facilitator

"No longer is "sales" something to be afraid of in my life. With Aline Benders insights and guidance I was able to successfully improve my sales in my division by 60% over the course of two years. If you pay attention and use her insights the way they are meant to be used, you may find yourself having more genuine connections and conversations with people."

Sumoha M.

"I love how Aline skillfully combines a heart-centred approach to practical sales tools to leverage the time spent with my potential clients. "

Cher De La Cruz
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