In this book I teach you all about my step-by-step sales process that I have used over 2,000 times to generate millions of dollars in sales consistently.

You will learn how to connect with your potential clients faster and on a deeper level than ever before, so that you can take your business to the next level quickly.

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Start ATTRACTING the type of clients you want, MANIFEST more money honey, and SELL with your inner power.


"Great resource! Simple and actionable ideas and reminders to polish and improve your sales ability."

Chris H.
Verified Purchase

"The fact that Aline puts mindset, gratitude, goal setting, visualization into this book made me know it was THE book I needed. All while sharing an effective sales process."

Callie C.
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"I found this book to be a great read. Many interesting ideas and techniques. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their sales skills."

Cookie W.
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"This book is a great read to understand different success principles you can put at practice not only in sales but in every aspect of your life. Aline's story is very inspiring."

Amazon Customer
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"Aline is without a doubt, not only amazing at sales, but she has the ability to help YOU become amazing at sales as well. The best part? You'll never have to rely on annoying or high pressure sales tactics ever again."

Phil G.
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"The "balance" which the author speaks on is also apparent in the book format. I absolutely love how this book is readable yet it also has a textbook feel. It appeals to a wide range of individuals in marketing, sales business, and educational structures."

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"The only book you need if you are in sales. Years of experience in selling put in a clear, to the point and easy to read format, what the book offers is priceless information. It covers aspects right from the point before you meet a potential client/make a call to a client, to the point of closing the sale and beyond. "

Kai H.
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"I was someone who didn't know much about selling until I read this book. I started a new job as a sales manager and within 6 months I ranked #1 in Canada and #7 worldwide. I love everything about this book and especially Aline's feminine style of selling."

Cher D.
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This Book Will Walk You Through Step-by-Step How To Manifest, Attract, and Sell with Ease and Speed

It's becoming more challenging to get in front of your potential clients. Their time, energy, and attention is limited. Learn how to insure that your potential clients want to listen to your offer and become your happy clients faster than ever before!


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