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Words Have Power To Influence You

When you want to shift from being in a negative mood and mindset, you can simply change the words you use. This video is going to make you think differently!

What Is Stopping You From Earning More Income?

Money is energy and it can easily flow towards you. But without removing the money blocks you will continue on pushing money away. 

It's Not Just About Working Hard

It can easily be confusing as to which one you choose. Well ladies, I make this very easy for you to be able to do both!

Women Need To Sell!

"Close Clients", "Be a Hard Core Closer", "Kill the Competition or Crush them!". We don't need to sell that way because we're feminine. 

It's OK to Be Upset

Losing a sale can have an impact on your self-esteem and of course your bank account! There's a smart way to get through this type of loss. 

Learn How To Sell As A Woman

Selling doesn't have to be hard. The way we think about selling and the lack of clarity makes it more challenging than it needs to be. 

Body Language No-No's

Trying to read your PC's body language can kill your sale. Your PC's crossed arms doesn't mean "no". Find out what they're saying with their body postures.

How To Find Your Expertise

No one told me growing up that having a mid life crisis can happen at any age. Stop doing work that doesn't inspires you. Leverage your expertise instead.

Afraid Of Selling

Top producers like myself still get nervous before meeting potential clients. It's normal to have fears when it comes to selling to strangers.

Introverts Can Sell

Heck yeah we can! Introverts have an advantage at selling in today's noisy and loud world. In fact, we have 3 superpowers.

How to sell to a Controller (Personality)

Controlling personalities are the easiest people to sell to. Even though, they're main objection will be a flat out "no".

How to sell to Nice People (Supporter Personality)

Nice people have a difficult time saying "no" to you. But it doesn't mean that they'll say "yes" easily. 

How To Sell To An Analytical Personality

This personality can be the most challenging one to enroll as a client. Learn a surprising technique that will get you more analytical clients.

How To Sell To A Short Attention Span

Look shiny bright object! Did you or your potential client get distracted? There is no point in completing your presentation if your PC is not paying attention.

Goal Strategy for Business Women

Ladies our brains are wired differently than men. When it comes to setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T doesn't work well for us. Learn what you need to do to make your goals easier to achieve.

How To Get People To Buy From Me

If you're struggling with selling, building your small business, or even having a positive outlook on life then watch this short video. Tina will share a few gems from my book.

Ways To Get Repeat Clients

If you have already earned the: know, like, and trust factor of your clients then take advantage of your hard work by getting your clients to buy from you again and again. 

3 Great Business Ideas From Top Female Leaders

The fastest way to grow your business is to mirror those that have been where you want to go. Learn smart business strategies from these women in business.

Small Business Bookkeeping For Savvy Entrepreneurs

If you can't afford a CFO or you just don't plan on hiring one for your small business, then you need to think like one. Having a bookkeeper and CPA is not enough to keep your business numbers in check.

Life Coaches Can Make Money With Great Discovery Calls

Get ready to take lots of notes. You might need to watch this video at least two times. Yes, it's that good. One of my student recently watched it twice, applied the steps, and enrolled a client for a $4,000 coaching package in less then 15 minutes!


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